Migrant Echoes

Migrant Support media project initially called ‘Migrant Voices from the North’ started in 2011 broadcasting one hour radio program from North Manchester FM subsequently from ALL FM. the project recruited and trained approximately 60 -100 active volunteers since then.

Full report of the project available here.

In 2015 Migrant Voices from the North evolved and became Migrant Echoes.

Migrant Echoes main purpose is to empowering those in need to collaborate, communicate and help each other to form a community through sharing experiences of migration.

Migrant Echoes works directly with people from minority ethnic groups and from migrant background including migrant workers, refugees and asylum seekers living in Greater Manchester; encouraging participation and sharing. The team is composed of enthusiastic volunteers, many of whom have experience of life as a migrant, inspiring them to create a platform to offer advice, to share and to grow.

Website: http://www.migrantechoes.org.uk/