Language, Employability and Integration Hub

The Language Employability and Integration Hubs are aimed to support people from diverse migrant communities who are new in the UK to not only learn English but also to reduce levels of isolation encouraging them to understand English culture, skills for life and increase chances to get employment.

The LE Integration Hubs also is a platform to understand multiculturalism and develop conversations about respect and tolerance.

What We Teach...

There are varies planned activities in each Hub which usually rolls for 10 weeks with couple of weeks of break in between.

We cover pre-entry level and conversation level:

Pre entry is aimed for people with none or very basic knowledge of English language and in great need to find jobs. The conversation level is aimed to help people who have basic knowledge of English language and culture but they would like to gain more confidence in spoken English and also to find jobs.

English for Skill for Life

  • Basic and advanced grammar and vocabulary building
  • Skills for Life - Everyday encounters; how to register with GP’s and Schools, emergency services, housing, health, applying for jobs etc.
  • Local Life & History - gaining familiarity with Manchester and it’s roots (including class trips to sites of general and historical interest around the city) as well as acquainting students with different accents/ slang terms
  • Rights in the workplace - getting students acquainted with employment laws
  • Encouragement of conversational development and topical discussions

Employability Sessions and work club

A large number of our learners are long-term unemployed or just granted refugee status / job seekers or looking to improve their opportunities.

The sessions focus on:

  • How to write CV’s, job applications & personal statements / profiles
  • Where to find jobs, how to approach employers
  • Helping learners one-to-one with job applications and CV’s
  • What goes on in job interviews, how to prepare for interviews - sharing experiences
  • Practicing for job interviews
  • Giving feedback to each other
  • Learn how to navigate online, look for vacancies, register and apply for jobs online.


Migrants are at a higher risk of exploitation and abuse when they are not able to integrate. LEI Hub encourages different people to come together and know each other better and appreciate diversity. The Hubs encourage building confidence through peer support and volunteering. Learners are encouraged to follow their interests through clubs/ extra-curricular activities. Learners are entourage to volunteering within the organisation and other community groups

Our teaching and staff

Classes are often very dynamic and creative and vary strongly as a result. It is a good mix of teachers and volunteers from the local area who can help provide students with in depth background on Manchester and help with understanding different accents, and teachers from different backgrounds who have been through what many of our students have experienced and often have an extra language or two handy to help with translating. Currently we have student teachers from Bolton University who teach our students as part of their course. Volunteers also help assist with teaching

Learners by First Language(s)

  • Arabic - 24.7%
  • Spanish - 16.5%
  • Tigrinya - 12.4%
  • Polish - 7.2%
  • Farsi - 6.2%
  • Portuguese - 5.2%
  • Amharic - 3.1%
  • Urdu - 3.1%
  • Kurdish - 2.1%
  • Swahili - 2.1%

Referrals for partner organisations

If you would like to refer somebody to our LEI Hub please download and complete the form below and send it to us via email, thank you.

Funders and supporters

ESF WEa Univerity of Bolton

We are grateful for the support from University of Bolton English teacher trainees