About Migrant Support

Migrant Support is a registered charity in England and Wales 1167430 and Limited Company by Guarantee 07698756

In 2009 a group of volunteers carried out a peer research part of the Oxfam’s Migrant Workers Project aimed to find out more about experiences of migrant workers living in Manchester; the report and recommendations became the foundation / areas to work for the new constituted group which that year adopted its first constitution and elected its first committee at the general meeting at the Britannia Hotel in Manchester.

In 2011 MSM became a Registered Company by Guarantee and in 2016 became a registered charity in England and Wales.

Advisory and support team

  • Anysie Kankindi
  • Jo Deakin
  • Mohamed Bakir
  • Mirek Ogorzalek
  • Negat Tafesse
  • Jean Claude Kayumba